Computer worm targets Chinese Windows users

Bubbleboy variant, 'Unicle' worm wreaks havoc in China

A new computer worm which exploits a hole in Chinese versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, is currently running riot among China's computer users, according to Russian anti-virus firm, Kaspersky Labs. According to Kaspersky, the worm is similar to the much talked about Bubbleboy virus because its victims do not need to click an attachment in order for it to take effect. Kaspersky labs says that one "very large company" in China has reported of 200 of its computers becoming infected by the worm in a matter of hours. The worm, "Unicle," is currently configured to target only Chinese versions of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. Eugene Kaspersky, head of anti-virus research at Kaspersky labs, warns Western anti-virus developers to beware of further modification of the worm. "Despite the fact that the 'Unicle' worm is capable of operating only under Chinese Windows, we anticipate the emergence of its new variation, which is compliant with other Windows versions." Once installed, this worm tries to download further files via the Internet in order to propagate among users email contacts. Kaspersky adds: "We strongly recommend computer users to update their anti-virus programs and urgently install a patch for MS Internet Explorer". The patch for this exploit is available from Microsoft here. What do you think? Tell the Mailroom. And read what others have said. Take me to the Virus Workshop
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