Contour Energy releases long-lasting coin cell batteries

Will target applications in gadgets from home medical devices to 3-D glasses.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

When it comes to batteries, if it's not rechargeable, it better be long-lasting. And, customizable to boot. That's a sentiment being banked on by Contour Energy Systems, an Asuza, Calif.-based company that has just released a new line of lithium coin cell batteries based on its patented Fluorinetic technology.

Contour's pitch is that the increasing portability of many applications -- essentially the rise of mobile and pervasive computing -- is creating a need for batteries with longer shelf life and improved discharge times. Contour Energy is using a carbon/fluorine combination to address the materials side of the equation, addressing some of fluorine's inherent volatility. The Fluorinetic technology uses a solid cathode that doesn't require certain toxic materials. It also can be tuned during the manufacturing process depending on the target application.

The first Contour Energy batteries are based on the 2032 format, and they are expected in volume in the fourth quarter. Eric Lind, vice president of business development for Contour Energy, says the batteries can provide up to two-times the performance of traditional coin cell batteries. The company says the performance benefits when use for high-current applications is even greater, according to the company.

According to Lind, among some of the markets that Contour Energy has in mind, although not necessarily for this product line, including automotive uses such as tire pressure gauges, industrial applications such as smart meters or memory back-up systems, or medical monitoring systems and drug dispensing devices. Contour Energy will also target consumer applications, such as home electronics and toys and even three-dimensional glasses, Lind says.

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