Corel Linux Deluxe won't cross the pond

Legal wrangling over third party software means Corel's deluxe Linux package won't have Europe release 'in forseeable future'

European Linux buffs will not be able to get hold of the deluxe edition of Corel Linux because of legal wrangling over third party software.

Corel has admitted that due to licensing restraints on software components supplied by third party vendors, Corel Linux Deluxe will not be appear in the shops or be made available for download in Europe in the foreseeable future.

This means that fans of the open source operating system living in Europe will not be able to enjoy the various applications included in the Deluxe edition.

Corel Communications manager for UK and Ireland Kylee Mackay says that it is unfortunate, but the matter is out if Corel's hands. "It's purely a third party issue and a legal issue. Its just that the certain third party add-ons are not protected under the General Public License."

Mackay also dismisses the suggestion that the open source community may not take kindly to this restriction of software that is meant to be open source. She adds, "I think the community recognises the difference between things that are free and proprietary software."

Corel Linux comes with a particularly easy-to-use installation process, a Corel package-managing application and a radically reworked desktop intended to be especially user-friendly.

The deluxe edition includes, among other software: 200 Bitstream, BRU Backup software, Wordperfect 8 and the game Civilization: Call to Power. Perhaps most upsettingly, however, the deluxe version also comes with a three and a half inch tall stuffed penguin.

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