Corel Linux to run Windows applications

Corel endeavours to attract more Windows users

Users of Corel Linux will soon be able to run Windows applications via a network connection using software developed by Linux software development firm GraphOn.

GraphOn Bridges software will allow a cluster of Corel Linux machines to remotely access Windows applications running on a separate server. Licences will be included to allow applications to be accessed from an NT server without the need to aquire addictional third-party licences.

Corel also seems likely to incorporating this into its program of providing applications via the Internet pointing out that this will make it possible for Corel Linux to "use any Windows application over the Internet, wireless, network or dial-up connection".

Michael Cowpland, president and CEO of Corel, has proclaimed this development to be a major breakthrough in popular cross-platform interoperability: "This will enable organisations to mix Linux and Windows desktops seamlessly which is a prime goal of Corel in our Linux development. With the integration of GraphOn Bridges into the Corel Linux OS it will be easy to enjoy the benefits and high reliability of Linux while having access to the most widely used Windows applications."

This may help to convert more Windows users to Corel's version of the Linux operating system as well as Corel's competing office software, however, it is not exactly revolutionary. A number of companies, including GraphOn, have been offering server-side Windows application interoperability for years. A development project called WINE already enables Windows to be directly implemented on a Unix machine without the help of a remote server.

GraphOn Bridges for Corel Linux is scheduled to ship mid-2000.

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