Could new cloud service ease compliance headaches?

iland says new framework could help companies stay on top of the intricacies of maintaining privacy, security, and compliance.


Compliance doesn't have to wipe you out.

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Moving your systems to the cloud is not going to mean that the complications of auditing and compliance are left behind.

Ensuring that everything you do complies with internal and external regulations requires a strategy, but devising and developing that can eat up valuable resources. The latest release of iland's Secure Cloud Services could help.


iland CEO Scott Sparvero: "[Our new release is] expanding visibility into our native advanced security features, cloud usage, costs and performance metrics."

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Frank Krieger, the company's director of compliance, says this software has been some time in the making.

"About three years ago, what we were seeing in the compliance space was generally administrative in action: plenty of paperwork, check boxes, filling compliance targets by just distributing reports and most companies were happy with that."

That has all changed, he says.

"What we have seen over the last two years is a very strong move, not just in software but in security compliance," he says. The result is that it's "not enough anymore that I can just send over the documents and be compliant".

The company's software includes Model Contract Clauses and is designed to support the US and EU governments' Privacy Shield Frameworks that help companies on both sides of the Atlantic with a mechanism to comply with data-protection requirements.

Secure Cloud Services come with proactive security features, including vulnerability scanning, antivirus/anti-malware services, web reputation monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection, which, iland says, is to "deter cybercriminal threats such as ransomware".

To satisfy industry compliance requirements, iland's new software aims to help companies show proof and validation of their business compliance posture with reporting on items such as security and penetration testing, ISO, UK Data Registration, SOC2, and HIPAA for US healthcare organisations.

Scott Sparvero, CEO and co-founder of iland, says, "With this latest release, we're continuing our commitment to help customers address cloud compliance with the Privacy Shield and Model Contract Clause."

The new software includes:

Privacy Shield: This offers a way for companies to ensure they are compliant with data regulation practices post-Safe Harbour.

Model Contract Clauses: These are inserted into the contract between the cloud provider and customer, "detailing behaviours during a breach, and ongoing reporting and audit requirements". Larger companies can build a legal framework for their behaviours that can, if needed, be used in court litigation as well as being used for dealing with regulatory bodies.

Security and Compliance Reports: Access to downloadable iland security reports through the iland console along with on-demand security report generation are provided, as is a new compliance reports menu that with links for users to download.

Billing Visibility Enhancements: A new tab in the Secure Cloud Console that gives costing information at the Org, VDC, and vApp/VM levels. There is a bandwidth chart that monitors the use of bandwidth on a month to month basis, and new burst and storage costs views provide that show where and how usage is impacting their billing.

Resource Management: Users can see how CPU Ready time may be impacting VM performance with features including a CPU Ready percentage graph, visibility into disk latency, alerts on Up/Down power status for Virtual Machines and applications and can specify a number of cores and processors to deal with performance issues, licensing restrictions, or older VMs, the company said.

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