Could we see new Kindle Fires by end of month?

Rumors are rampant that new Kindle Fires will be shipping as soon as July 31st, and will sport thinner, more powerful hardware
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor
We're used to tons of rumors around Apple, but now it looks like Amazon is going to be stealing some of that spotlight.
The latest rumors have Amazon coming to market with more Kindle Fire tablets. Depending on which rumors you believe, there could either be a new 7-inch and / or 10-inch version. According to CNET, who is citing BGR, and others, the 10-inch tablet could be coming out in a couple of months and would be powered by a quad-core processor. As for the 7-inch, it could hit the streets as soon as July 31st.
According to the reports, the new Fires (Kindle Fire 2) would sport a metal casing, instead of the current tablet's plastic, be thinner than the existing offering, and might even offer a front-facing camera.
Given all of the hype around Google's Nexus 7, these rumors were inevitable. That being said, the Fire is a great selling tablet so why not make improvements and release another version?
I don't see a 10-inch one in the cards for Amazon, since there's really no need for it. It seems like all of the manufacturers are trying to get into the 7-inch space now, with the long-time rumor of Apple coming out with a 7-inch iPad surfacing yet again, too.
As for the Kindle Fire ecosystem, Amazon has done an amazing job continuing to offer special services to its Prime members. Starting with FREE two-day shipping, and now offering up movies and TV shows, and over 100,000 Kindle books to read for free, continuing to add to that offering with a new selection of Tablets is a logical next step.
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