Dan aims PCs at Web newbies

Direct sales PC vendor Dan Technology its aiming its new Xplora line of PCs at Web newbies.

The UK firm's entry-level Dan Xplora and higher-spec Dan Xplora Plus both offer a choice of Pentium processors, and come with integral 33.6Kbps modem, 28-day free Internet trial via UUNet Pipex and pre-installed Netscape Navigator. Dan said that by pre-installing the modem and Web browser, and using an ISP that didn't demand up-front payment card details, it is offering the fastest PC for getting on the Web.

Prices start at £863 + VAT for a 120MHz Pentium desktop system with 512Kb cache, 16Mb EDO RAM, 1.6Gb hard disk, 1MB EDO RAM graphics card, 12x CD-ROM drive, SoundBlaster-compatible sound card and 14-inch monitor. Windows 95 and Microsoft Works for Windows 95 are pre-loaded, and Intuit Quicken is bundled.