Data is in the air

Air, though we can’t see it, contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen,nitrogen and now, data.

Air, though we can’t see it, contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and now, data. It’s there, in the air, and with the right wireless LAN adapter (and many base stations), you could literally pluck it from the air and get it into your computer on the streets that you walk on.

Currently, laptop users can do just that whenever they pop into UOB Plaza for a quick coffee or at Shaw House for a movie. With two wireless broadband Internet hot spots launched today at the stated location, mobile executives will be able to have high speed Internet access to their corporate networks as well as the Internet in the atriums and open areas nearby.

In all, 48 wireless hot spots will be up throughout Singapore, and will be part of the wired/wireless hot sport coverage under the Cisco Internet Mobile Office initiative.


In the following four weeks, 10 more hot spots will be activated in areas like Orchard Road, Raffles Place and Boat Quay. Plans are going underway to activate high destiny area such as Tampines, The International Business Park in Jurong and other Technology and science parks by August.

Such services would be very appealing to business users who are coming from the insurance industry, sales industry or who often conduct business on the go. Clients of such user would be impressed with the quick availability of information.

“ These hot spots are part of a network which will eventually cover the whole of Singapore. We believe wireless broadband connectivity is going to take personal computing and PDAs to a new level of use and application,” Davnet’s Business Development Manager, Daniel Noble added.

This wireless broadband network is built around an end-to-end Cisco Internet Mobile Office (CIMO) initiative. The CIMO is an ecosystem of service providers, application service providers and system integrators, who offer end-to-end connectivity to enterprise customers outside the traditional confines of the office. Broadband service providers like Davnet deploy the wireless network infrastructure in public places, thus meeting mobile business users’ demands for a high level of security, broadband speeds and ease of connection.

Business users with existing wireless LAN adaptor or whom laptop has a built- in wireless LAN feature to the 802.11b standard, which will be compliant with the CIMO wireless bases station.

For those who don’t, they could either purchase Cisco Aironet wireless LAN card that cost between S$300 (US$160 ) and S$500 (US$280 )from Davnet. Or they could purchase a wireless LAN card of 802.11b standard.