DBS deploys Microsoft tabletop systems

The Singapore bank installs five multitouch tabletops running on Microsoft Pixelsense at one its branches to enhance customer interaction and operational efficiency.

DBS embarks on the future of banking

SINGAPORE--DBS Bank has deployed five Microsoft Pixelsense multitouch tabletop systems  at one of its branches in order to enhance customer interactivity and efficiency.

The systems were installed at DBS's Remix branch in the National University of Singapore, which was opened this September. Remix branches are targeted at the youth .

Koh Cheng Hwee, senior vice president of head of franchise for DBS Bank's consumer banking group, said the systems allow the bank to operate in a paperless environment as its staff can present banking information on the screen instead of using brochures.

Koh said the bank chose to deploy Pixelsense instead of tablets because of the tabletop's multi-user capabilities. The 40 inches-wide system can detect up to 50 touchpoint allowing multiple users to use it at the same time. Other touchscreen devices typically allow only up to 10 touchpoints.

Jamieson Yu, director of hardware for Microsoft Asia-Pacific, explained Pixelsense is different from other touchscreen devices as it can recognize objects. With specially printed labels, the device can call up information easily.

Pixelsense can be integrated with other Microsoft software and services such as Microsoft SQL Server and Bing, Yu added. The device can be implemented in other industries such as retail, food and beverage, hospitality and education, he said.

DBS's deployment of Pixelsense is the largest in Asia in a single location, according to Microsoft, but it declined to reveal which other Asian countries had adopted the system. 

One Pixelsense device costs S$14,900 (US$12,112), but the final price will vary according to the apps the customer requires, Yu said.