Dear CSC: The text of CA's offer letter

They evidently talked about a deal for weeks. But once it became clear they couldn't agree, Computer Associates made its move.
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They evidently talked about a deal for weeks. But once it became clear they couldn't agree, Computer Associates made its move. It initiated an unsolicited offer to buy Computer Sciences. What follows is the formal offer letter CA President Sanjay Kumar wrote to CSC CEO Van Honeycutt on Tuesday.

February 10, 1998
Mr. Van B. Honeycutt
Chairman and CEO
Computer Sciences Corporation
2100 East Grand Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245

Dear Van,

Charles and I appreciate the significant time you have invested over the last few months in the discussions that we have had regarding the combination of Computer Associates International, Inc. ("CA") and Computer Sciences Corporation ("CSC"). However, we are disappointed that CA and CSC have not been able to come to a final resolution.

Consequently, we are writing to offer to acquire CSC in a merger transaction in which your stockholders would receive $108 in cash for each share of CSC common stock. We believe our offer presents an extremely attractive opportunity for your stockholders, at a price which represents a premium of nearly 35% over the closing price of CSC's common stock on the day we commenced our discussions in mid-December. At that time, CSC's stock was trading close to its all-time high.

The CA Board of Directors has unanimously approved this offer. Further, as I have previously informed you, CA has obtained the necessary financing commitments to consummate this transaction without delay. As we agreed, the combination of CA and CSC would create a world-class information technology solutions provider with unparalleled depth in both software and services. The combination of CA's strength in software and CSC's services capabilities, together with our collective personnel, would create the perfect model for the next generation of information technology solutions provider that will lead our industry into the next millenium.

As we discussed at our meeting on February 5, and as confirmed by my letter of February 6:

-- We are in agreement on the need and manner of retaining key managers and employees. We would supply key managers and employees with employment agreements that will provide them with a strong incentive to remain with the combined company.

-- We are in agreement on providing stock option grants to key managers and employees. This will allow them to participate in the success of the combined company, and will further ensure continuity with respect to the combined company's commitment to our mutual clients.

-- We are in agreement that the CSC organization within the combined company will be on equal footing to CA's existing product organization. CA is committed to making sure that all of the members of the CSC organization are welcomed into the combined company with open arms.

-- We do not expect the combined company to need to reduce any headcount to achieve the synergies that a transaction of this size demands. Consequently, as in our last major acquisition of Cheyenne Software, we anticipate that all of the valuable CSC employees will be offered positions with the combined company.

-- Beyond the absolute level of staffing, we expect to maintain the current structure of CSC's organization with little change. As we discussed, it would make sense for the CA part of the combined company to take over CSC's product development efforts and for CSC, in turn, to take over CA's service commitments and efforts. The inherent synergies in this process will allow both the CA and CSC parts of the combined company to do what they do best.

-- We expect to staff new projects with both outside hiring and some redeployment of existing CA staff. This will allow the combined company to aggressively seek new services opportunities.

As we have previously discussed, we have conducted an extensive analysis of CSC based on publicly available information. We believe that CA and CSC may be able to bridge some of our differences with respect to valuation if CA is given the opportunity to conduct limited due diligence on CSC's business and operations. With CSC's cooperation, our due diligence review can be accomplished within a week.

Our offer is subject to the execution of a mutually satisfactory merger agreement containing customary terms and conditions. We believe that such an agreement can be negotiated while we are conducting our due diligence review of CSC. Our counsel has advised us that an acquisition of CSC by CA should not encounter regulatory delays.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss our offer. We are hopeful your Board will conclude that your stockholders should not be denied the opportunity to consider our offer. We at CA are determined to take every appropriate action to pursue this transaction. In view of the importance of this matter, time is of the essence, and we await your prompt response.

Sanjay Kumar
President and Chief Operating Officer
Computer Associates International, Inc.

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