Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

I am convinced that China is America's greatest long-term threat. I've done the research that seems to prove it.

Open letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

I think you probably know how much I respect your accomplishments. You also know that I'm quite fond of Bill and while some of his ambitious deregulation policies helped lead to some of our current problems, much of his work was far-thinking and helpful for our great nation.

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It is, therefore, with no small level of astonishment that I read a statement reported on Yahoo! News that you apparently don't see China as a threat.

With all due respect, Madam Secretary, are you blind? Or are you just doing that thing American politicians do, that strange political correctness that results in being very nice, pretending a frenemy is really a BFF (best friend, forever)?

So, if you and the President are willing to take down the one guy in Pakistan without a Twitter account, why don't you see the enormous threat that China is to our way of life?

Look, I deeply respect what China's done. And my wife loves her iPhone and iPad, as do many of our readers. Many of our more rabid Apple fans don't even seem bothered that China is building American products with their labor force, rather than giving those jobs to the labor force in and around Cupertino, people who would also like to find work.

But China has a whole lot of people. It consumes a vast percentage of the world's resources. It's growing at a huge rate and it can't sustain that growth through internal resources. To stay alive, China must start to devour resources from the rest of the world. Our resources.

Most wars, economic or ballistic, start over a scarcity of resources. Okay fine. There is that rare occasion where a nation attacks the wrong country entirely, but we'll leave the Bush administration's lack of a working GPS out of this discussion.

The fact is -- and it is a fact -- China has transformed vastly since you and Bill lived in the most upscale of government housing America provides. China is a threat. In fact, China may well be our greatest threat.

Madam Secretary, I urge you to move beyond political correctness and diplomatic niceties and focus on what's really happening in the PRC.

I invite you to do some reading. Start out with the following articles:

Then, go ahead and download my book, How To Save Jobs. My research into China and India's growing influence on the world stage influenced me to give the book away for free. I didn't want even the slightest hesitation to get in the way of any American learning just how much the world has changed over the past few years -- and how much it's going to impact America.

Bottom line

I am convinced that China is America's greatest long-term threat. I've done the research that seems to prove it.

As Patrick Swayze, in that great work of political philosophy known as Road House once said, "Never underestimate your opponent."

He also gave powerful advice on diplomatic practice. In one of his most well-known policy briefs, Mr Swayze states, "Be nice. Be nice, until it's time to not be nice."

The key is knowing when not to be nice. Mrs. Clinton, it's okay to be nice. Even as China takes millions of jobs away from hard-working Americans, it's okay to be nice. Even as we give tax breaks to companies shifting jobs overseas, it's okay to be nice.

But please, Madam Secretary, please, please, please know that soon, possibly very soon, it's going to be time to not be nice.