Dell forms Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Government

Dell's formula for desktop virtualization for government: take one part access virtualization we got when we acquired Wyse, add one part Dell server hardware, add one part Dell's partnerships and ecosystem, add one part Wyse thin client hardware, and then stir in the customer's workload. Nice cake, but will Government customers buy it?

Dell in conjunction with its recently acquired business unit, Dell Wyse, has announced that it has formed a new business unit, Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Government (DVS-Gov) specifically to make anytime, any place, any device computing a reality for government customers.

What ingredients has Dell baked into this new business unit?

Dell has pieced together a number of important products and technology to make Government solutions easier to deploy including the following:

  • Dell DVS-Enterprise or Simplified Platforms
  • Dell has validated and included Dell Wyse's thin and zero clients along with Wyse's access virtualization technology
  • Context aware security technology offered by AppSense
  • CAC Card technology from ActivIdentity
  • Support from OCONUS and U.S.-based support from Dell
  • The customers workloads for industry standard servers

Along with its partners, Dell has made sure that all of the components are certified to have complied with the following basic standards: TAA, IPv6, Energy Star, VPAT.

What's new here?

In short, little is really new here. Dell has taken established products from Dell, Wyse, AppSense, ActivIdentity along with its own support stirred it around and is offering the results through a new business unit. It is clear that any of the other major hardware suppliers and a number of major software suppliers can and do address the same needs with similar amalgamations that are based upon their own products.

The key different is that Dell has tested these configurations and has gotten them certified as complying with standards that are important to government customers. Although I haven't made an exhaustive search, it appears that others have done similar things.

If the customer already has a relationship with Dell, this cake would look tasty. If not, offerings from others may just taste better.