Dell hits back at Compaq with workstation price cuts

Dell struck back at the Compaq-Digital deal by cutting prices on its WorkStation 400 line by up to 11 per cent.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Although several observers have noted that Dell is one of the companies most threatened by the $9.6 billion buyout, the direct seller seems to have made significant inroads in workstations since the a dedicated unit was launched last July.

IDC gave Dell 14.7 per cent of the European Intel based workstation market for the July-September quarter of 1997, making it the number two player in double-quick time.

A 266MHz Pentium II-based model with 64Mb ECC EDO RAM, 2Gb SCSI-3 hard drive, Matrox Millennium II card with 8Mb RAM, 24-speed CD-ROM drive, sound, Fast Ethernet and 17-inch monitor costs from £1,904 + VAT.

Dell last week announced a "multi-million dollar" order form CAD software developer Parametric Technology for its workstations.

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