Dell may buy AMD chips - report

The last bastion of Intel-only may be about to fall: Dell is negotiating to buy AMD's Spitfire processors, says a report

Dell may be about to buy processors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), according to a report.

Dell is reportedly negotiating to buy 100,000 of AMD's Spitfire processors for low-cost PCs. The chips are due to arrive mid-year. The deal was reported by, citing unnamed sources familiar with the companies.

If true, the sale would be a major coup for AMD, which has had its work cut out for it challenging Intel, the dominant PC chip maker. Dell is the last major PC manufacturer to exclusively use Intel processors; in recent months companies such as Gateway have switched to AMD chips.

Intel is suffering from what we might call Microsoft Syndrome, the symptoms are rampant and unnecessary paranoia, read the news comment at AnchorDesk UK with Peter Jackson.