DEMO 2007 kicks off with innovation showcase

DEMO 2007 is about to kick off. The topic for the morning session today is "Where's the innovation? Everywhere!"
Written by Marc Orchant, Contributor
The stage is set for DEMO 2007


DEMO 2007 is about to kick off. The topic for the morning session today is "Where's the innovation? Everywhere!"

Presentations by the following companies:

  • Kauffman Innovation Network – the iBridgeNetwork – a non-profit portal desinged to connect innovations coming out of university research with the world of business opportunity.
  • ZINK Imaging – ZINK Paper – a way to produce color prints without ink or toner using paper with embedded color-dye crystals
  • Shipwire.com – an outsource solution to virtualize receiving, warehousing, and shipping operations.
  • QTech – reQall – a service that allows consumers to use a phone or computer to record thoughts, ideas, tasks, etc. and converts them to an e-mail message  with reminders and search tools.
  • 6th Sense Analytics – a software development project management tool that collects information in the backgroud and provides real-time reporting on the progress of a project being executed by a distributed teams.
  • Eyejot – a client-free video-messaging platform that produces content that can be accessed from any browser on any platform along with support for iTunes and iPod playback as well as MySpace.
  • Honeypitch – a sales tool that combines elements of a wiki with CRM and authoring tools to make the collection of information, aggregation into a structured format, and generation of proposals or pitches and end-user friendly task. Proposals are deliverable as an online, interactive, by-invitation only document.
  • Wyse Technology – N10 edge device – Wyse will be showing their latest thin computing device.
  • Adobe Systems – Apollo – Adobe will demonstrating the latest developments in their Rich Internet Application (RIA) platform which is powered by Flash and Flex. Apollo is the runtime application engine that makes RIAs portable.
  • Mission Research – SalesWorks – a sales and customer management tool that uses a hybrid (client and web-based components) to provide capabilities similar to more complex and difficult to deploy and administer Salesforce Automation (SFA) services.
  • Ceelox – Scram – a private messaging medium for e-mail and instant messaging that uses steganography to "hide" text and attachments inside of an image.
  • Serendipity Technologies – Worklight – a widgetized AJAX-driven service that extracts and aggregates data from enterprise applications.
  • Symantec – Identity Initiative – Symantec is showing a new approach to aggregate and secure identity information for consumers so that they can securely present information online without concerns about identity theft.
  • Jaman.com – a social network for fans of world cinema.
  • Total Immersion – D'FUSION – real-time integration of 3D graphics and live video.
It's really interesting to see companies like Adobe, Symantec, and Wyse mixing it up with the disruptive start-up companies this year. The juxtaposition in message and business model between the two groups will be instructive, I suspect.
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