DEWALT aims for construction site IoT, digital transformation

DEWALT, best known for its tools, is planning to offer construction site networking and an IoT platform that can track productivity and assets.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Toolmaker DEWALT is plotting an integrated Internet of things suite for construction sites with the aim of boosting productivity and safety at construction sites.

The move illustrates how all companies are becoming de facto technology firms as they digitize and embrace technologies such as the Internet of things and the analytics from the data.

DEWALT said it will launch a Wi-Fi mesh network in "coming months" and later add an IoT platform to go with it.

According to DEWALT construction sites lack connectivity and asset management. Data can bridge companies, contractors and other parts of the chain.

DEWALT's plan is to use Wi-Fi mesh technology integrated with ruggedized access points so general and trade contracts can collaborate on things like prints, schedules and budgets as well as deadline shifts.

As for the IoT platform, DEWALT said it will build a system to understand location and utilization of assets. DEWALT's Tool Connect inventory management system will be part of a larger digital platform.

DEWALT said it will provide more details on its plans in the future and accepting pre-orders.

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