Diamond welcomes Tosh MP3 plans

The pioneer of MP3 walkmans Diamond Multimedia has welcomed Toshiba's announcement that it is working on its own player and apparently hopes the new machine is a great success.

Diamond expects Toshiba's new player to be of the highest quality and thinks will be good news for the already saturated MP3 market. "The Toshiba player should help broaden the market and probably increase sales for us. Also, it's good to have someone raise the stakes with a product that can rival our own."

Diamond also took the time to make a sweeping criticism of all the other MP3 player manufacturers littering the scene. A spokesman says, "A lot of companies have said promised to make decent machines and have just produced re-branded versions of the original MPMan player. About 70% of the market is filled by bad quality products at the moment."

Toshiba's new MP3 player will mark a return to manufacturing audio equipment after it abandoned the area in 1989, in the face of overwhelming competition.

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