DJI rolls out protection plan for drone crashes

The world's most popular drone maker has a new plan that will allow you to protect your drone annually or bi-annually.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Popular drone maker DJI announced on Tuesday a new protection plan called DJI Care for its line of consumer drones.

The protection plan, available for purchase annually or bi-annually, will cover damage to pilots' aircraft from crash landings.

Drone crash landings can be costly. DJI's middle-tier drone, called the Phantom 3 Professional, is priced at $999 -- and the odds are good as an amateur drone pilot that you'll crash the aircraft.

DJI Care is available for customers in the US, China, and parts of Europe.

US Dollars
Aircraft Models6-Month Plan12-Month PlanCoverage Amount Cap
Phantom 3 Professional$189.00$279.00$999.00
Phantom 3 Advanced$139.00$199.00$799.00
Phantom 3 Standard$99.00$129.00$499.00
Phantom 3 4K$139.00$199.00$799.00
Inspire 1 V2.0$499.00$699.00$3,099.00

"By introducing DJI Care, we want to provide our customers with peace of mind and a worry-free flight experience," Frank Wang, DJI founder and CEO, said. "This program will also encourage more people to explore aerial technology and learn about the fun and potential of flying our drones."

New and existing DJI drone owners will be able to sign up for DJI Care. It will provide repair credits that equal the total amount of the aircraft's retail price at the time of purchase. In the consumer's favor, the plan does not limit the number of repairs.

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