Donate to more than 23,000 charities with PayPal Mobile

PayPal streamlines the donation process with the latest release of its App
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

PayPal just sent word that its latest version of its iPhone client, version 2.5, will offer an easy way for its users to donate to more than 23,000 charities. Charities in the initial release include names like American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, Save the Children, UNICEF, Red Cross, and more, and the app puts a donation one click away.


According to the company, the app was just submitted to Apple, so barring any issues, it should be available in the coming days.

I definitely applaud PayPal for adding the charity integration piece. There are millions of users of PayPal and now they'll be able to launch the PayPal app and either click on a showcased charity or search from more than 23,000 of them, and then donate in just another click or two.

There are tons of apps on the App Store today that offer the ability to donate to charities, but having someone like PayPal release the feature in their own app is going to make it super easy, and trustworthy, to donate now. Now how about that Android version?

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