Drop yer pet a line on the ol' dog 'n' bone

Barking mad mobile from JapanEngland may be the nation of dog lovers, but it took two Japanese companies to come up with this one -- a mobile phone for your dog or cat!

According to a number of reports in today's daily newspapers, Japanese scientists are ready to unleash tiny "pet mobiles" that slip under your pampered pooch or pussy's collar, allowing you to dial up your loved ones for a quick: "Who's a good boy then?"

A purrfect second application for the phones would be to locate missing pets.

The Sun newspaper said that one of the firms helping to develop the devices was Japanese telecomms giant NTT DoCoMo, although no trace of the project could be found on the company's web-site this morning.

Cue lots of jokes about the Japanese being barking mad etc...!

  • This petty revelation follows hot on the heels of news of the Kat Kontrol, a video remote control which will let Britain's cats watch their favourite videos from next year. The fish-scented control will allow your favourite feline to watch cat-optimised screenings, such as last year's supurr ad from cat-food maker Whiskers. Whatever next eh?