Dropbox pushes more security controls to all Business customers

Dropbox's Mailbox is also making waves as the mobile mail sorter moves to Mac.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor
Shared Links Passwords and Expirations

Dropbox is cutting down some of the velvet ropes around some of the privacy and security features previously only available for select beta testers.

The cloud storage provider is extending view-only permissions for shared folders, passwords for shared links, and expirations for shared links to all Dropbox for Business customers.

As some users might already know, view-only permissions were trotted out earlier this summer as part of the early access program for Dropbox for Business customers.

The San Francisco-based company noted it now has more than 80,000 organizations subscribed to Dropbox for Business.

Earlier on Tuesday, Dropbox also made waves for one of its more consumer-friendly products that likely also has some roots with business customers by now.

Mailbox for Mac has been rolled out in public beta mode, outfitted with several new features tailored to desktop use versus the app's preexisting mobile-first outlook.

Dropbox acquired Mailbox, a mobile app and Gmail client for the iPhone, in early 2013.

Touted by the then-startup's founders as a mechanism to "put email in its place," the app was described as a completely redesigned inbox (compared to the native email app on iOS devices) intended to simplify sifting through and archive messages while on the go.

Image via Dropbox

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