Druxon helps Indian patients remember medications via SMS

The Hyderabad-based startup provides healthcare alerts, such as for medication timings and prescription refills. Druxon is touting its SMS-based configurability and caretaker functionality that will allow individuals to configure dependents' alerts.
Written by Srinivas Kulkarni, Contributor

Know of people who forget taking their medicine on time? Doctor's appointments missed? Don't remember the name of the medications when you need the most? These are issues that are problems for a lot of patients across the globe.


That is where mHealth startup Druxon helps to organize some of your medical needs. A Hyderabad-based Druxon provides healthcare alerts like Medication alerts, prescription refill alerts and immunization alerts to consumers. Founded in 2010 by a team of members with experience in the healthcare and IT industry it provides a healthcare service that intends improve the quality, timing and experience of health services.

 There is a variety of channels that they send the alerts through. Also, there are different channels to configure the alerts. Some of the key features are the SMS, E-mail and Calendar Alerts for medication. Also interesting is the prescription refill and immunization alerts that help patients take care of their medication much better.

Of course there are other service providers offering these services in India, and most of them are B2C providers that allow individuals configure their alerts on their own.
With Druxon, physicians and pharmacists can configure alerts for consumers and also provide some white-labeling services for them. According to founder Satyen Chava, Druxon is the only provider that allows configuration of alerts through SMS, and have one of the few services that allows caretaker functionality that will allow individuals to configure dependents' alerts.

Their primary consumers are patients that would like to adhere to medication. Mostly patients who are prescribed a strict course of medicine, like antibiotics, such as kids and senior citizens.

According to Satyen, active marketing has not started. For now they are focusing on the reviews they are getting in building the product better. He says that they plan to market their product in three campaigns. The first one will be on the Internet using the online marketing tools and services. The second will cover visits to clinics and pharmacies to speak to physicians and pharmacists. The third is the mass media which they don't intent to focus on anytime in the near future and plan it for the future.

So far, the funding is from friends and family. For the market push, some traction is expected to come by through the initial adopters to attract the attention of the funding agencies. "Frankly speaking, I have not yet drawn the plans for seeking the funding," Satyen said.

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