E-learning spurned by UK staff

Staff prefer the human touch and find PC-based learning material insufficiently engaging, according to a CMI survey
Written by Andy McCue, Contributor on

Cultural and technological barriers are hindering the wider use of e-learning among UK organisations.

A survey of 998 managers by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Centre for Applied Human Resource Research found only 54 percent have used e-learning tools in the last year and just 20 percent have participated in a structured e-learning programme.

Resistance to e-learning is partly down to the loss of the human touch, with 72 percent preferring face-to-face conversations and 37 percent opting for tutor-led development.

Another barrier is limited interaction. Almost a third (28 percent) said e-learning content is not engaging and just under half (46 percent) said there are too many distractions diverting them from PC-based learning material.

Jo Causon, director of marketing and corporate affairs at the CMI, said until organisations provide engaging development tools and support alongside these, uptake of e-learning "will continue to be slow".

But Causon said integrating e-learning programmes with social-networking tools is one way organisations can engage young and junior employees.

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