eBay auctioning Google style cost per click keyword based text ad campaigns

eBay has grander ambitions for the advertising infrastructure and network it is building out.


eBay Keywords is a Google AdWords style CPC keyword-based text ad product available right now only to eBay sellers, by auction bid, for display at eBay. eBay’s just launched AdContext off-site contextual ad network, also Google style, however, suggests eBay has grander ambitions for the advertising infrastructure and network it is building out.

According to eBay, “eBay Keywords: 5 Steps To Success!”:


Keyword Selection: Targeted 2 and 3 word phrases are the most efficient use of your ad budget. During ad creation, our Keyword Suggestion Tool will automatically offer targeted keyword suggestions based on the items you link to.

Text Box Description: Targeted ad messages let buyers know exactly what items you have for sale before they click on your ad. This further qualifies your clicks and makes sure the right people are clicking. Specific ad descriptions are also more likely to yield a sale.

Linking Your Ads to Optimal Pages for Conversion: Driving qualified buyers directly to a specific section of your eBay Store or directly to an item for sale is the most effective way to convert clicks into sales -this helps focus your buyer’s attention on exactly what they are looking for so they don’t navigate away from your store, category, or item for sale.

Setting up a Campaign Budget & Determining a Cost Per Click that Works for You: Your budget and CPC bidding is contingent on your advertising strategy. For example, if you adopt a broad untargeted keyword strategy, you would need a larger budget to support untargeted clicks for general keywords and ambiguous ad messages. However, if you adopt a more targeted approach and bid on more targeted keywords and create specific ad messages based on a targeted URL, you will get the best results.

Utilizing Keyword Reports: The most important aspect of the report is number of clicks you are receiving for each word or phrase. This is the number of times someone clicks on your ad.


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