eBay customers blocked from Google's Checkout

The online auctioneer has prevented its customers using Google's new payments service, citing its security and safety policy as the reason

eBay has blocked customers from using Google's recently launched online payments service, Checkout.

The move could be seen as a protective measure over its own payment service, PayPal, but eBay has insisted it is because Google's product does not meet the security and safety standard set in its payments policy.

Rob Chesnut, head of eBay's trust and safety, said in a statement: "While many of the payment methods offered by eBay sellers offer a high degree of safety and convenience, a few simply are not appropriate for the eBay marketplace.

"We've updated the policy to identify those payment methods that we've determined are not appropriate for the eBay marketplace. Please note that eBay's evaluation relates only to whether a particular service is appropriate for the eBay marketplace. These payment methods may, in fact, be useful services for consumers in other contexts."

Other payment services blocked by the Internet auctioneer include e-gold, fastcash.com and Rupay.com.

Checkout.google.com is linked to some of Google's other services, such as AdWords, in such a way that if something is bought through an AdWord link, the transaction is processed for free.

Any eBay customer found selling items over Google Checkout could have their account suspended, as according to eBay it fails to meet their security standards.