eG Innovations announces eG Enterprise V5.6

Performance problems can lead directly to both lost customers and lost revenues. When time is money, it is important to be able to quickly see what is happening, where it is happening and be able to either prevent performance issues from occurring or quickly addressing them when they do appear. eG Innovations wants to solve that problem for its customers.

 eG Innovations just launched an update to its flagship product, eG Enterprise, bringing it to version 5.6.  If asked, the company would wax poetic about its ability to address the need for "performance visibility, automated cross-silo correlation and diagnosis, preemptive problem alerting, and predictive analytics to accelerate performance diagnosis, reduce operational cost, deliver user satisfaction and unlock the potential of virtual, cloud and physical IT environments."

Here's what eG Innovations has to say about eG Enterprise 5.6


eG Enterprise v 5.6 delivers a number of new and unique capabilities:

  • Total Performance Visibility & Auto-Correlation of all components and dependencies that impact user experience - across desktop, application, network, storage and virtualization tiers. New features in 5.6 include: Enhanced virtualization and cloud support (including monitoring support for VMware vCloud Director), increased breadth and depth of coverage for databases, storage, Active Directory, virtualization, deeper visibility into Java transactions and NetFlow monitoring.
  • Fast & Preemptive Problem Detection & Alerting allows administrators to fix performance problems BEFORE users complain. Prevent downtime, ensure great performance and enhance user satisfaction. New features in 5.6 include: New, intuitive dashboards, automated metrics aggregation, improved performance prediction, advanced auto-baselining and tight integration with Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012.
  • Easy & Automated Root-Cause Diagnosis enables admins to accurately pinpoint problems and accelerate diagnosis of performance issues - so highly skilled staff can be more productive rather than fighting fires all day. New features in 5.6 include: root-cause diagnosis extensions for cloud environments, auto-discovery of business service topologies, improved AD integration, monitoring configuration validation for easy configuration, and personalized VM views for use by cloud providers providing managed services.
  • Right-Size & Optimize IT Environments with predictive analytics that help to reduce hardware and software cost by 20% through better utilization and consolidation ratios. New features in 5.6 include: Cluster capacity planning reports, cumulation reports, and significant scalability enhancements to the eG manager and agents.

eG Enterprise is a highly cost effective solution with an easily measurable ROI that pays for itself in months. Customers typically experience a 30% reduction in the number of severe performance incidents, a 35% reduction in downtime, over 20% improvement in hardware utilization rates and 15% reduction in staffing levels required to support the IT environment. In addition, eG Enterprise delivers rapid ROI by providing the insights required for right-sizing and optimizing IT infrastructures to maximize resource utilization and reduce hardware/software cost.

Snapshot Analysis

IT departments are being confronted with a number of divergent problems that require a dynamic, agile and thoughtful response. Some of the new challenges they face are:

  • Rapid change – IT environments are changing quickly as industry standard system infrastructure and workloads are being virtualized. It is critical that the organization have tools and processes in place to be able to quickly gather operational data, analyze the impact of these changes, and move to prevent slow downs, outages and the resultant loss of productivity and/or revenue.
  • The increasing use of virtualization technology - Virtualization technology creates new challenges for IT administrators. Entire complex, multi-tier workloads may move from one place to another during the day to meet service level objectives, prevent slow downs or as a response to an outage.
  • The emergence of cloud computing - These dynamic workloads may also be hosted in a data center that is controlled by a third-party. This means that some layers of technology, such as the network or storage infrastructure may be managed by a third-party.
  • The need to reduce costs at almost any cost
  • The struggle to maintain established systems in a world of changing requirements, new regulations and new technology

eG Innovations' eG Enterprise is designed to address these requirements by reaching across computing silos to present a holistic view of workload performance from end user device all the way back to the network.

I was impressed after seeing a demonstration. I believe you will be too.


Note: eG Innovations is a Kusnetzky Group client