Elastic to buy 'continuous profiling' startup Optimyze

Elastic intends to join the computer profiling function of Optimyze to the enterprise observability functions of metrics, logs and traces.
Written by Tiernan Ray, Contributing Writer on

Enterprise search technology company Elastic, which builds apps and services on top of the open-source Elastic search technology, on Thursday afternoon announced the company will acquire startup Optimyze, which makes a so-called continuous profiling software, for undisclosed terms.


Three-year-old Optimyze, whose official listing in databases such as FactSet lists it as being based in Zürich, Switzerland, although the company tells ZDNet that it is "not based anywere" but is "legally incorporated in Delaware," makes a tool called Prodfiler that is meant to tell IT how efficient fleets of machines are in terms of CPU usage. "Optimyze's software allows unprecedented visibility into 'which line of code is consuming how much CPU' across fleets of thousands of machines," the company claims.

Elastic said in a press release that it will "unify the three pillars of observability—metrics, logs and traces—with emerging continuous profiling capabilities" in order to "deliver actionable insights to customers," which will result in "improvements in service quality and performance while reducing MTTD (mean-time-to-detect) and MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution)."

Elastic's CEO and founder Shay Banon remarked that "With deep expertise in large-scale distributed systems, Optimyze overcomes the limitations of traditional profiling techniques to provide whole-system continuous profiling of systems and code, improving developer productivity, accelerating innovation, and delivering rich customer experiences. 

"We look forward to joining forces with Optimyze to accelerate our vision for unified, actionable observability."

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