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Streaming becomes mainstream

Streaming becomes mainstream

The endless streams of data generated by applications lends its name to this paradigm, but also brings some hard to deal with requirements to the table: How do you deal with querying semantics and implementation when your data is not finite, what kind of processing can you do on such data, and how do you combine it with data from other sources or feed it to your machine learning pipelines, and do this at production scale?

December 18, 2017 by

​LG CNS launches 'Cityhub' IoT platform

Cityhub will allow cities to collect data from buildings, streetlights, cars, factories, CCTV and weather stations to allow municipal governments to set policies and agendas. Read more: https://zd.net/2KFsgbo

July 9, 2018



IBM's DB2 database adds several powerful new tools in version 9 including native XML support and DB2 Developer Workbench, and offers serious competition to Oracle and Microsoft.

August 31, 2006 by

InFocus LP640

InFocus LP640

Displaying images brightly and sharply, this stylish LCD projector is best suited for boardroom presentations. Read our Australian review.

May 6, 2004 by

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