EMC launches network storage system for SMEs

EMC Philippines has unveiled EMC Clariion FC4700 networked storage system software which are targeted for the small businesses, dot-coms, and software developers.

EMC Philippines has unveiled EMC Clariion FC4700 networked storage system software which are targeted for the small businesses, dot-coms, and software developers.

PHILIPPINES (Manila Bulletin) - These new EMC storage products are expected to address the demand of the mid-market which has not been tapped by network storage providers.

Ronnie Latinazao, country manager of EMC Philippines, said the EMC Clariion FC 4700 solution completes EMC's offering for the market aside from solutions offered for the large enterprises.

The new storage solutions introduce an entirely new dimension of value for midrange storage through an unprecedented levels of availability, performance, functionality, management, connectivity and investment protection.

It would strengthen EMC's leadership in helping organizations united and generate value from all their infomration regardless of location, application type or connectivity method.

The new offerings include EMC SnapView and EMC Mirror View software, Navisphere Manager software suite, data migration service for Microsoft Windows an expanded EMC Proven program and Clariion FC 4700 and Clariion IP 4700 channel partner program with AVNET, PC Conneciton, Premier Systems Integrators and Vertex International, Inc.

Latinazo said that the Clariion FC 4700 is specifically designed for firesharing which is a good alternative for server farms and would be able to consolidat servers.

The key advantages of FC 4700 include easy set-up in 15 minutes, low management, and competitive pricing scheme.

EMC Clariion FC 4700 storage system builds upon market-proven high-availability Clariion features such as global hot spares, full component redundancy, fully protected write cache and data path parity checking.

It sets a new level for information availability with support for parallel access to production information, remote disaster recovery and fully non-disruptive, on-line upgrades.

Both the Clariion system and customer applications remain fully operational during upgrades of Clariion microcode and storage-based application software.

This innovation enables enterpriseclass application availability during storage sofware maintenance and upgrade operations.

The Clariion FC 4700 takes another major step in helping customers extend the value of their storage investments across all connectivity methods.

Through Clariion FC 4700's industryfirst "chamelon-like" architecture, customers can re-deploy the same Clariion 4700 system into NAS (network attached storage) Clariion IP4700, storage area network (SAN), direct-attached or clustered environments if business needs change, providing unsurpassed connectivity choice, asset life extension and storage infrastructure flexibility.

EMC has enhanced the Clariion architecture to offer new levels of application performance and connectivity. The Clariion FC4700 supports up to 7.3 terabytes in a single enclosure and includes new high-performance multi-CPU sotrage processors, two gigabytes of high speed cache memory, four front-end and four back-end Fire Channel connections and redundant pathing from each storage processor.

The EMC SnapView software provides multiple business processes with concurrent, parallel access to information for non-disruptive backup operations, decision support and associated queries, management reporting, data mart loads/extractions or application testing.

The storage-based application provides point-in-time views of information stored on a Clariion FC 4700 while I/O (input/output) operations continue to the production data.

The new EMC MirrorView software provides for disaster recovery and remote backup by creating exact copies of information at a separate geographic location.

It is a storage-based, host-independent, data mirroring and protection solution that enables customers to restart applications after fail-over using mirrored data on standby hosts at a remote location.

Enhanced EMC Navisphere Manager software provides fully integrated monitoring and management of the EMC SnapView and EMC MirrorView software.

New support for the open Fibre-Alliance MIB enables Clariion FC 4700 participation in a standards-based SNMP management environment.

This functionality coupled with integration with EMC and third-party management frameworks such as EMC ControlCenter, CA Unicenter, IBM Tivoli and HP OpenView enables clients to manage their entire information infrastructure from anywhere in the enterprise, regardless of information location.

EMC also introduced EMC Celerra, a dedicated network file server running software optimized for sharing information over networks. It combines Symmetrix enterprise storage technology with a unique software and hardware.

The EMC Celerra HighRoad is a software utility designed to enhance file sharing capabilities, enabling integration of NAS (network attached storage) and SAN (storage area network).

Latinazo cited research that optical networks speed is expected to double every six to nine months, storage capacity doubling every 12 months and computing power every 18 months.

The information centric evolution has started from system-centric in 1980s, PCcentric in the 1990s to network-centric in 2000.

Over the next two years, there would be more information generated in the Internet from three billion gigabytes in 2000 to 24 billion gigabytes by 2003, according to the UC Berkeley School of information Management and Systems.

The Internet business is projected to double every 90 days, the click and mortar doubles every year, while the brick and mortar companies would double annually.

Latinazo also cited recent research data that the network storage business would be overtaking the server market by 2004 an annual growth of about 199 percent.

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