Enterprise Irregulars adds new members

The Enterprise Irregulars, an affiliation of thought leaders and influencers, continues to thrive as a powerful force in the enterprise software and technology business.
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor

The Enterprise Irregulars, an affiliation of thought leaders and influencers, continues to thrive as a powerful force in the enterprise software and technology business. Although the group has no formal structure and few rules, its market influence remains substantial.

The Irregulars' influence among enterprise buyers and vendors is based entirely on the caliber of members, which includes top practitioners, star analysts, consultants, investors, and other innovators.

Although members share a common interest in enterprise topics, their backgrounds and perspectives are diverse. This diversity, combined with high intellectual capability, ignites the rigorous analysis and insight for which the group is known.

Since my last update in November, the Enterprise Irregulars group has added seven new members. Each of these folks brings a distinct and valuable perspective to the group:

Merv Adrian is an independent analyst, specializing in the emerging ADBMS, BI, data integration and other data management disciplines. Before striking out on his own, he was Senior Vice President at Forrester Research. Merv blogs at IT Market Strategy and his Twitter name is @Merv.

David Dobrin is also an independent analyst, focusing on enterprise applications. His background includes stints in both management consulting and on the vendor side. David's blog is called The Applicator and his Twitter name is @toppundit.

Mike Fauscette is Group Vice President at research firm IDC, where he leads the Software Business Solutions Group, which covers ERP, SCM, CRM, PLM, collaboration, SaaS, and related areas. Mike is a frequent blogger and his Twitter user name is @mfauscette.

Phil Fersht is one of the top business process outsourcing (BPO) experts in the world. He runs the acclaimed firm, Horses for Sources, where you can find his prolific blog. Phil's name on Twitter is @pfersht.

Steve Mann is a market strategist and consultant whose background includes many years at SAP. He is an expert in social business, blogs at Able Brains, and is on Twitter with the name @stevemann.

Mark Masterson is a self-proclaimed "troublemaker," an enterprise architect at CSC, and frequent speaker on topics related to Enterprise 2.0. Mark blogs at Process Perfection and tweets with the name @mastermark.

Evangelos Simoudis is a VC and Managing Director at Trident Capital, where he specializes in SaaS, Business Intelligence, Internet technology, data management, and digital media. He writes at the Trident Capital Blog and tweets under the name @esimoudis.

I'm often asked how the Enterprise Irregulars selects new members; in fact, there is no set process for gaining membership. In every case, however, multiple existing members advocate for potential inductees before they are invited to join.

To see aggregated blog posts from members of the Enterprise Irregulars, check out the group's website at enterpriseirregulars.com.

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