Equifax spends $87.5 million on data breach, more expenses on deck

Equifax's third quarter earnings and revenue weren't all that bad considering its data breach debacle.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

(Image: file photo)

Equifax spent $87.5 million in the third quarter on its recent data breach.

The disclosure came amid an earnings report that showed revenue growth of 4 percent to $834.8 million and net income of $96.3 million.

In other words, the data breach affecting 145 million Equifax customers dented the cash cow, but it certainly didn't kill it.

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As for the data breach costs, $55.5 million was spent on product, $17.1 million on consulting fees and $14.9 million on consumer support.

Equifax added that it incurred $4.7 million through Sept. 30, and "have estimated a range of additional costs between $56 million and $110 million."

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