Ericsson and Brazilian government to create IoT partnership

The facility will focus on public security applications

The Brazilian government and Ericsson have agreed on a partnership for the creation of an innovation center for Internet of Things (IoT) applications within the public security space.

The facility will be based in São José dos Campos, one of the main technology hubs in the state of São Paulo. The idea is to form an ecosystem to include other private sector organisations including telecommunications operators, as well as startups and academia.

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Ericsson has been involved in a number of projects related to IoT and 5G in Brazil. In São José dos Campos in particular, the company has rolled out products from its smart cities portfolio such as a monitoring and control system for the city, an application for public lighting and sensors to detect gunshots.

"We believe that bringing the IoT to São José dos Campos, through the creation of this Innovation Center, is to continue this partnership, promoting benefits not only for the municipality, but for the whole society," said Sergio Quiroga, Ericsson's president for Latin America and the Caribbean.

"That is why we want to foster open innovation in all sectors of industry, the state and society, and public safety is one of the areas we want to foster with projects, already aligned with 5G technology," he added.

Back in 2015, Ericsson announced that it would be bringing 5G technology to Brazil in partnership with Mexican telco giant América Móvil.

According to the Swedish firm, the idea is to initially research how 5G networks will be used by consumers and corporates, with a view of having a commercial offering available by 2020.