European IT Forum: Wireless for all technology - Dell

Everyone loves the 30-something millionaire, but haven't we heard him say all this before
Written by Eugene Lacey, Contributor

As usual, Michael Dell's address to IDC's Eurpean IT Forum, this year taking place in Monte Carlo, returned to a favourite theme: defending the PC industry from those who would write it off.

Dell argued that the product line to gain the most from new wireless technologies could be "the 3lb Dell Computer". Using Dell's wares as a generic platform, Dell explained that he believed all current technologies, including notebooks and desktops, could and probably would benefit from wireless capabilities.

He went on to confirm that his own company was working on products with built-in GPRS and other wireless technologies.

Dell identified "wireless as the technology that can help Europe leapfrog the US" but went on to criticise European firms for spending less on IT infrastructure than their American counterparts.

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