Eva heard the one about the IT manager looking for love?

Brief: It's just not PC
Written by Matt Loney, Contributor

When glamorous IT systems manager Eva was featured in London's free Metro newspaper's "Under Offer" section looking for a date, it seems that one important detail was omitted.

She turned out to be a he, prompting Metro to run a full-page explanation on Wednesday that bordered on an apology. Eva is a gay man who arrived in Britain ten years ago to study IT, according to the Metro, which received more than 50 applications from single men across the country. Some even wrote twice, said the paper.

At work Eva, whose real name was not given, dresses as a man. "I can't be Eva in my job, because clients know me as a man," Metro quoted Eva as saying.

In what some might called a particularly un-PC article, headlined "Ladyboy", Metro apologised for the embarrassment it may have caused readers, particularly 25-year-old army officer Gareth who Eva eventually picked, but who turned down the offer. Any IT types out there who think they may be interested are advised to email metrosexual@ukmetro.co.uk.

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