Evernote Premium sale: One year for $42

That's 40 percent off the regular price, and only the second time this deal has been offered.

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Today's deal is a rerun, but one that's too good to pass up.

For a limited time, you can get a 1-year Evernote Premium subscription for $42. It's normally $70 (or $96 if you pay by the month), so you're saving at least 40 percent.

Evernote has run this deal only once before, and that was back in January.

Premium affords a lot more features than you get with the free Basic account. Among the benefits: support for up to 10GB of monthly uploads; support for business-card scanning; search capabilities within Office documents and PDFs; the option to annotate PDFs; and access to related-content discovery.

Alas, there's no deal to be had on Evernote Business, a team-friendly option that still costs a hefty $15/user/month. What's more, this deal appears to be limited to new subscribers; I wasn't given the $42 option when attempting to upgrade my current Basic plan.

The question is, does your business even need Evernote? Turns out there are at least five free Evernote alternatives. (I'm kind of surprised WorkFlowy made that list, because it's really a different animal -- but I'm both a user and a fan, so by all means check it out.)

What are your thoughts on Evernote Premium? Worth it for $42? Or have you found an information-management tool you like better? Share your thoughts in the comments!