Ex-Microsoft execs lead wireless venture

Ignition invests in the wireless revolution
Written by Margaret Kane, Contributor

A group of former Microsoft and McCaw Cellular executives have formed a new company that will invest in wireless firms.

Ignition has also raised $140m (£86m) from a team of strategic investors, including Qualcomm, Softbank Venture Capital and the Madrona Venture Group. Ignition is a holding company that will fund and create startups working on wireless Internet products.

The company will be run by Brad Silverberg, a former Microsoft vice president who oversaw that company's Internet Explorer and Windows 95 development.

Other Microsoft execs on board include Jon Anderson, John Ludwig, Cameron Myhrvold, Satoshi Nakajima, Chris Peters, Jonathan Roberts and Rich Tong. The company has also signed up Steve Hooper from McCaw Cellular and Kathy Iskra from Nextlink. "Like the tidal waves before it, the wireless Internet will fundamentally change the way we live, work and communicate," Silverberg said. "We're eager to work with entrepreneurs to develop great software and solutions that will power the wireless Internet revolution."

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