Ex-NAB CRM chief goes it alone

Ex-NAB CRM chief goes it alone.
Written by Iain Ferguson, Contributor
Having passed on the reins of National Australia Bank's (NAB) customer relationship management strategy last year, Charles Lawoko is embarking on a new business life.

Lawoko -- who left the NAB in December last year and was replaced by Gerd Schenkel, Citigroup's former director of strategy and business development -- is in the very earliest stages of building his newly created CRM consultancy, styled Insight2Action.

While the veteran of CRM and customer analytics is reluctant to discuss in depth the circumstances of his departure from the NAB, he told ZDNet Australia in a recent interview that the shift gave him a chance to reassess his life's goals and directions.

Lawoko said he realised that these "could best be realised outside of a large corporation."

He described his "passion" as helping companies who do not fully leverage -- or in some cases use at all -- the data they gather on their customers to deliver better offerings more efficiently.

While the consultancy is still in the formative stages -- Lawoko is the sole director and a Web site is "coming" -- the former NAB CRM boss is anxious to dispel any impressions he is a novice at delivering services to companies on that basis.

During an academic career that saw him gain a PHD in Statistical Pattern Recognition, Lawoko consulted to a range of companies in the financial services, insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

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