Excite Europe secures Dreamy deal with Sega

Excite grabs a deal with the world's first Internet-linked game console.

A pact between Sega and Excite Europe means that Excite is to be the official search and navigation service of the new Internet-linked Dreamcast console.

This is a significant coup for Excite, considering that the new 128-bit console, to be released 14 October, represents a real landmark in both gaming and the Internet, because it is the first-ever games console to provide Internet connectivity.

Excite Europe's Director of European Operations, Evan Rudowski, emphasises this point: 'The European Internet access market is going to change significantly with the introduction of Sega's next-generation gaming console. Our pan-European partnership with Excite is adding another layer to our proposition and ensures that Sega's Dreamcast becomes the ultimate gaming console."

From October, gamers will be able to browse the Internet using the Dreamcast console and their television via a 33.6kbit/s modem.

Dreamcast launched in the US Thursday.