Facebook brings Safety Check to Workplace

The tool is designed to help companies on Workplace monitor the safety of employees during emergency situations.


Facebook on Tuesday announced the launch of Safety Check for Workplace, an enterprise version of the Safety Check feature on the original Facebook app. The tool is designed to help companies on Workplace monitor the safety of employees during emergency situations.

In Workplace, security or human resource teams are designated as Safety Operators and can create and send a Safety Check notification out to their work community in a three-step process. Potentially affected employees are located, then notified via a Workplace Chat, push notifications and email. The process continues until all employees have been contacted and accounted for.

Facebook said the idea to create Safety Check for Workplace began at a company hackathon in London, and is the first enterprise engineering product to ship externally. The enterprise engineering team maintains Facebook's global enterprise systems through tool, software, and product development, the company said.

Safety Check for Workplace is currently used internally at Facebook and by a small group of beta customers including Delta Airlines. Overall, Facebook said there are 30,000 companies currently using Workplace, with new customers Vodafone, GSK, Telefonica, and Chevron announced today.

The Workplace updates come a day after Facebook launched a video calling device, called Portal and Portal+, in a move that highlights the company's smart home and likely smart office ambitions.


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