Facebook gets a $30 dedicated keyboard

The Social Network Access Keyboard has 19 hotkeys dedicated just for Facebook. It will set you back $30.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Social Keyboards has developed the Social Network Access Keyboard (SNAK). SNAK, which sells for $30, is a typical multimedia USB keyboard with 104 keys, 19 of which are hotkeys dedicated just for Facebook. When you sign out of the social network, the hotkeys are disabled.

The keyboard requires that you to install some custom software on your PC for using the hotkeys. This might seem like an annoyance, but you'll only have to do it once. SNAK's selling point is that no matter what Facebook does to its layout, you will always be able to navigate the site from your keyboard since the physical buttons aren't going anywhere.

Here are the 11 hotkeys on the left:

  • Messages - Takes you directly to your Inbox
  • Notifications - See what's new on your network
  • Edit Profile - Quickly access and edit your profile
  • Events - Find and create events swiftly
  • Groups - Join new groups or edit existing groups
  • Friends - View, Edit or Contact a full list of your current friends
  • Phonebook - Find all of your friends' phone numbers instantly
  • Help Center - Facbook's help center
  • Account Settings - Quickly access all of your personal account settings
  • Privacy Settings - Adjust who can view your profile
  • Home - Takes you directly to www.Facebook.com

Here are the eight hotkeys on the right:

  • Sleep - Instantly hide Facebook, putting your computer to sleep
  • Photos - Access a full list of all current photos
  • Upload Photos - Upload a photo directly with a click of a button
  • Upload Videos - Upload a video directly with a click of a button
  • Games - Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cafeville, etc. Play them NOW!
  • Links - Find all links posted by you and your friends
  • Ads + Pages - Edit your Ads and Pages for your business or secondary page
  • Facebook For Developers - Press this button if you are a developer or webmaster

First we got two unofficial Facebook phones. Now we have an unofficial Facebook keyboard. What's next?

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