Facebook Groups gain tabs, lose search box

Facebook have been revamped once again. This time, Facebook has added tabs to the top, has removed the search box, and has tweaked the top images to be completely solid in color.

Less than two months ago, Facebook Groups got an update that made them more in line with the Timeline look. Today, Facebook pushed out another small update: the social networking giant added tabs on top of all Groups, but had to remove something to make room. The company chose the search box. As for the member photos and Timeline-like cover photos at the very top of Groups, they are no longer transparent.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are now five tabs at the top of all Facebook Groups: About, Events, Photos, and Docs. If you counted, you'll note that I missed one. The first tab is simply your Group's name and shows you its Wall. I think this change is okay, though I believe many Groups will be annoyed that the About section is now hidden from view by default.

At the same time, Facebook has de-emphasized the search feature. The search box which previously said "Search this group" has been collapsed into a small search icon on the right-hand side. This will likely lead to even less searches in Groups, which is curious given that Facebook is looking to revamp its search function. Then again, maybe this is exactly part of the plan.

Something tells me Facebook isn't quite done tweaking the design of Facebook Groups. They still don't have the Timeline feel that some profiles and all Pages currently have. Personally I prefer it this way since I mainly use Groups like a forum, but we'll see what Menlo Park ends up doing.

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