Facebook profiles: Kim Jong-Il's son, grandson cause media frenzy

The Facebook profiles of Kim Jong-nam, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's exiled eldest son, and Kim Han-sol, Kim Jong-nam's 16-year-old son, were discovered over the weekend.

Kim Jong-nam, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's exiled eldest son, apparently has a Facebook profile. Kim Han-sol, Kim Jong-nam's 16-year-old son and thus Kim Jong-il's grandson, does as well. This past weekend, media outlets in South Korea had a field day when they discovered both were publicly-accessible, according to The Korea Herald.

The two men have since changed their settings to make their profiles private, but not before news websites revealed details for both. It appears that Facebook's revamp to move privacy controls inline still isn't good enough for at least some.

Kim Jong-nam reportedly used Facebook to insult Kim Jong-un, his younger half-brother whom their father chose as successor to the North Korean leadership. He also posted digitally-altered photos ridiculing his father and the North Korean elite. Kim Jong-nam did the deeds under the name Kim Chol, a pseudonym he reportedly uses for hotel reservations when travelling to Singapore and Hong Kong.

As for Kim Han-sol, we learned about his basic political views, that his favorite movies include Love Actually as well as Remember the Titans, and that he apparently has a lover. In regards to the first tidbit, the teenager asked fellow students if they preferred democracy or communism, noting that he preferred democracy.

Eight photos showed Kim Han-sol dressed stylishly, wearing rimmed glasses, diamond earrings, a necklace with a cross pendant, and having bleached blonde hair. Furthermore, as you can see on the right, one photo taken with a young woman attracted interest because Kim reportedly captioned it with the comment: "I'm going to miss you so much."

The unidentified girl replied: "I love you too, yeobo." Husbands and wives in Korea use the term yeobo to address each other, although given his age Kim Han-sol is unlikely to be married. Public display of affection is largely thought to be taboo in North Korea, making the photos much more sensational.

Kim Han-sol is believed to live with his father in China and also in the former Portuguese territory of Macau. He is rumored to be enrolled as a student at the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia.

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