Facebook rolls out standalone Groups app to improve focused communications

Millions stay in touch with family, friends, and even project teams with Facebook. The new app pulls the group module out and improves the experience.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Early this week there were discussions about Facebook at Work, including ZDNet posts on the pros and cons of the idea. Facebook just announced a dedicated Groups app for iOS and Android that makes it easier to communicate with project teams, family and friends.

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Groups remain a part of the full Facebook application, much like Messenger, but pulling it out as a dedicated app makes it more efficient and much more functional. In my experience, I am much more likely to use Facebook services with dedicated apps, rather than access message and group communications from within the Facebook app.

With the new Facebook Groups app, you can easily organize your groups so that the most used ones appear at the top of the launch page. It is also much easier to jump into a group and communicate and then jump over to another group. In the Facebook app itself, groups appear within your News Feed so communication is not as distinct as within the Groups app.

Notifications for each group are managed within the Facebook Groups app. You can also discover other groups to join within the app.

We use Microsoft Lync to communicate via messages in my office, but most people are also on Facebook. I still try to keep Facebook separate as a personal sharing tool though and am not planning to use Facebook for work any time soon.

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