Facebook Wi-Fi lands in new Netgear routers for free small business Internet access

A check-in on Facebook is a small price to pay for free Wi-Fi access at your small to medium-sized businesses.

Image: CNET

Four of the latest Netgear wireless routers will allow small to medium-sized businesses to check-in on Facebook to access free Wi-Fi.

The San Jose, Calif.-based networking giant said Monday that the technology "enables merchants to build closer relationships with customers by sharing offers and announcements directly from their Facebook page."

Facebook Wi-Fi allows merchants and business owners to offer free Internet access when users they check in on a company's Facebook business page — such as a coffee shop — a benefit for both the business and the user.

Businesses can offer discounts and offers, and keep users up to date with their latest news. 

The feature will land in four Netgear routers powered by the latest 802.11ac networking technology, which offers Gigabit wireless speeds, including the Nighthawk R7000 router, the R6250 Smart Wi-Fi Router, the R6200 Wi-Fi router, and the R6300 Smart Wi-Fi router.