Facebook's top political articles for 2011

Facebook has released a list of 40 political articles. According to the company, these are the most shared political articles on the social network so far in 2011.

Facebook is still publishing lists for what was popular in 2011. The company started with the most shared articles in 2011, and then followed with a new section of a special tab on its own Facebook Page called Memology 2011 (see top 10 global topics for 2011).

Now the company has released the top political articles for 2011. These are the stories that received the most traffic from Facebook through friend shares, pages, and social plugins such as the Like button. The stories, which range from the capture and death of Osama bin Laden to the Occupy Wall Street movement, represent the type of political news people have been sharing and discussing with their Facebook friends this year.

So, without further ado, here are the top 40 political articles on Facebook for 2011, courtesy of the Facebook Political Team:

  1. Daily Kos: Open Letter to that 53% Guy
  2. Washington Post: Obama’s and Bush’s effects on the deficit in one graph
  3. FOX News: Should U.S. Get Involved in Syria?
  4. CNN: Osama bin Laden, the face of terror, killed in Pakistan
  5. Salon: “USA! USA!” is the wrong response
  6. Huffington Post: Michelle Obama Dances 'The Dougie' & 'The Running Man'
  7. Huffington Post: Obama's Birth Certificate Through The Eyes Of A Birther
  8. CNN: Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don't get it
  9. Huffington Post: Sarah Palin's PAC Puts Gun Sights On Democrats She's Targeting In 2010
  10. MSNBC: Anti-gay marriage group fakes support with doctored photos
  11. Huffington Post: Conservative Pie: Republicans Introduce Legislation Redefining Pi
  12. Huffington Post: Westboro To Picket Funerals Of Arizona Shooting Victims
  13. MSNBC: Web's bin Laden 'death photo' (just the photo) is fake
  14. LA Times: Michele Bachmann is worried about the Renaissance
  15. Huffington Post: Senate Votes To Let Military Detain Americans Indefinitely
  16. FOX News: White House Condemns Possible Execution of Iranian Pastor
  17. Huffington Post: Everything The Media Told You About Occupy Wall Street Is Wrong
  18. FOX News: Usama Bin Laden Killed in Firefight With U.S. Special Ops Team in Pakistan
  19. CNN: Arizona enacts funeral protest legislation
  20. FOX: 'Occupy Wall Street' -- It's Not What They're for, But What They're Against
  21. LA Times: Lara Logan breaks her silence on '60 Minutes'
  22. The Blaze: Adam Carolla on Occupy Movement: 'F**cking Self-Entitled Monsters’
  23. MSNBC: In the ruins of Gadhafi's lair, rebels find album with photos of Condoleezza Rice
  24. CNN: Soldier leaves a legacy much larger than ‘he was gay.’
  25. Slate: Pentagon’s top secret cat warfare exposed
  26. CNN: Middle class backlash at Occupy Wall Street protesters
  27. Weekly Standard: Obama bans asthma inhalers over environmental concerns
  28. Slate: Clarence Thomas writes one of the meanest Supreme Court decisions ever
  29. Good Morning America: Obamas go shopping at Target
  30. CNN: Who owns America? Hint: It’s not China.
  31. Huffington Post: UC Davis protesters arrested, pepper sprayed
  32. FOX News: Should the American flag be banned in America?
  33. Huffington Post: UC Davis police officer pepper sprays nonviolent protesters
  34. LA Times: Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledges paternity of child out of wedlock
  35. MSNBC: U.S. Forces kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan
  36. MSNBC Video: Obama announces the death of Osama bin Laden from White House
  37. CNN: Obama announces the death of Osama bin Laden
  38. Huffington Post: Lobbyists succeed in categorizing pizza as a vegetable in schools
  39. MSNBC: Lobbying firm memo spells out plan to undermine Occupy Wall Street
  40. Wall Street Journal: How to Tax the Rich

I can't say I read even half of these stories, but that's mainly because I care more about tech news than anything else. What about you?