Famous geek says his Prius could be dangerous

Toyota's woes hit the hybrid Prius.

UPDATE ADDED FEB 4: Toyota's now looking into the brake problems on the 2010 Prius. Apparently earlier models are not involved as they have an earlier, different brake system. No recall here yet. But lots more bad PR for Toyota.

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, says his Prius accelerates on its own. Prius has not been involved in the recent avalanche of Toyota recalls. It is the highest selling hybrid car in the U.S.

Wozniak said he tried to notify both Toyota and the feds. Nobody would listen. Steve who?

Now that his problem has gotten publicity, Toyota's going to borrow the 2010 Prius for a week of testing. Wozniak's view: no new product is perfect and he'd buy another Prius.

Meanwhile, the complaints about new Prius brakes seem to be piling up. These complaints center on the third generation Prius which came to market last year. The new models' brakes are supposed to give it even more fuel efficiency and higher mileage. Toyota has not yet decided whether this brake prob warrants another recall. You can bet they are nervous and paying attention.

Prius 2010 model. Courtesy: CNET

Here's the Prius's official website.

None of this is going to help hybrid car sales, of course. Not to mention what lost revenue is doing to both Toyota's cash flow and its stock price. Reputation? That's a longer term question.

Now drivers of Toyota models already involved in the accelerator prob recalls are warned they could be in violation of the law. The drivers may be liable, not just Toyota. One lawyer warns drivers of recalled models could be deemed in operation of a dangerous vehicle. [poll id="221"] [Full disclosure: the author of this blog owns and drives a 2005 Toyota Prius.]