FBI charges 100 in largest ever phishing case

The FBI and Egyptian authorities have charged almost 100 people involved in a phishing scam designed to swipe personal information and use the data to defraud banks
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday announced that 100 people have been charged in Operation Phish Phry, the largest cyber-fraud phishing case to date.

The FBI said it uncovered a sophisticated phishing operation that was designed to swipe personal information and then use the data to defraud banks. Authorities have charged 53 defendants named in an indictment, and arrested 33 of those individuals. Egyptian authorities charged another 47 alleged cybercrooks.

Operation Phish Phry began in 2007 and authorities ultimately collected enough information to be used in Wednesday's arrests. That information led to the joint US-Egypt operation.

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