First Windows 2000 virus discovered

Computer security firm F-Secure claims to have discovered the first computer virus built specifically to target Windows 2000.

The new virus, "Win2K.Inta" or "Win2000.Install", is designed to work specifically on the Windows2000 platform and does not pose a threat to users of earlier editions of Windows, according to F-Secure.

The firm has, however, received no reports of the virus "in the wild" and does not consider it a major threat to computer users. Win2K.Inta (Win2000.Install) nevertheless carries a malicious payload, infecting files transferred between computers.

The virus infects files with the following extensions: EXE, COM, DLL, ACM, AX, CNV, CPL, DRV, MPD, OCX, PCI, SCR, SYS, TSP, TLB, VWP, WPC and MSI. According to F-Secure it was created by virus-writing group "29A".

Mikko Hypponen, manager of anti-virus research at F-Secure, believes the discovery heralds a new era in virus writing and virus protection. "Now we can expect virus writers to include Windows 2000 compatibility as a standard feature in new viruses," he says.

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