France Telecom

France Telecom, through its major international brands, provides communications solutions to multinational corporations across the globe, including the Asia-Pacific region.

France Telecom was established in 1988 under the division of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. On Jan. 1, 1991 France Telecom became an autonomous provider of public service, acting both as a telecom service provider and a telecom network operator.

Through its major international brands, including Orange, Wanadoo, Equant and GlobeCast, France Telecom today provides consumers, businesses, and other carriers with a complete portfolio of communications solutions, including local, long-distance and international telephony, wireless, Internet, multimedia, data, broadcast.

France Telecom, through Orange Business Services, provides communications solutions to multinational corporations in the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore is Orange Business Services' regional headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Listed on both the Paris and New York stock exchanges, France Telecom is the second largest wireless operator and Internet access provider in Europe.

The group employs about 220,000 people, with over 147 million customers worldwide.