Frankston's pedestrian common sense

If you've been stymied by the arguments about Net Neutrality, join Bob Frankston for a walk through Sidewalk Neutrality.

Making sense of the Net Neutrality debate, which is being conducted in high and low language, confusing television spots and misleading public relations messages, is easier than you might think. Bob Frankston takes it all down to a level we can understand, our local sidewalks. Read and enjoy.

I embarked on my now purposeful stroll. The intelligent sidewalk made sure I was walking at just the right pace towards the cigarette store (would I have to actually smoke one?). Relieved of the option of finding my own way I was able to start to memorize the TSP brochure that listed exactly what I could want and how much it would cost me.
Ah, the bliss of being strictly monitored and billed reliably when exploring our world....